Dao cạo phẳng mặt gỗ Cabinet Scraper 3800. Kirschen Germany

Mã: 38000-

Dụng cụ cạo phẳng mặt gỗ dùng trong làm mộc và gia công chế biến gỗ. Dùng cho công đoạn hoàn thiện, phẳng nhẵn. Nhập khẩu trực tiếp từ Kirschen – Made in Germany.

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3800 – Dao cạo phẳng mặt gỗ Cabinet Scraper – Kirschen Germany

Dao cạo phẳng gỗ Kirschen 3800

A scraper is used to smooth the surface of wood. It works similar to a planer, by cutting off protruding wood fibers. It is used for smoothing and surface treatment as well as for the outer shape.
With a special burnisher burr is drawn to an edge that is sharp enough so especially wood peel very fine and smooth. If the burrs become dull, a new one can be made with a burnisher.

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