Bộ máy cắt cành 45mm chạy pin FELCO 822, đầy đủ phụ kiện

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Mã: FELCO 822

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The FELCO 822 electric pruning shears are very powerful, cutting through hardwood up to 45mm / 1.8 inch in diameter with ease, meeting the toughest demands of horticulture, parks and gardens, nurseries, viticulture and forestry.

You will be amazed that with only a small finger movement you can now cut through large, tough branches cleanly in seconds, saving you time, energy and strain throughout an entire day of intensive pruning – no one will blame you if you smile broadly as you make an effortless clean, precise cut through each branch.

The power of these electric pruning shears is truly astonishing as you easily and cleanly cut through hardwood branches up to a 45mm / 1.8inch diameter, providing you with significant productivity gains without sacrificing precise, clean cuts.

Plug in and power up your FELCO 882 power pack and the FELCO 880/195 battery to unleash powerful clean cutting over a full day of intensive pruning. With a simple double click of the trigger you can choose between a larger or smaller cutting head opening setting to cut more efficiently and quickly through larger or smaller branches.

Understanding the performance of the FELCO 822 is as simple as reviewing the FELCO application on the display of your smart phone or tablet, the application contains all the data about your tool from number of cuts to battery life, it also allows you to manage tool settings so you can keep it operating at the highest level of efficiency.

However tough and intensive your day becomes; with this powerful tool you can just keep going and going cutting through tough wood while being sure that you will not pay a price from aches and pains once you stop.

Máy cắt cành FELCO 822 dùng pin, đầy đủ phụ kiện

  • Khả năng cắt cành tới Ø45.00mm (1.77 inch)
  • Kit electric pruning shear with compact battery and PowerPack
  • The cutting power of the FELCO 822 electric pruning shears deliver performance that makes quick work of the toughest pruning jobs
  • The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip that makes the tool exceptionally well-balanced in your hand
  • The included FELCO 880/195 compact Lithium-Ion battery is fast recharging and provides energy for a day of pruning
  • The included FELCO 882 Power Pack is lightweight, compact and ergonomic, it holds the electronic board and battery, and can be comfortably worn in up to 5 different positions to fit all body types
  • Cut capacity of 45mm / 1.8inches provides clean, fast and accurate cuts for long sessions of tough hardwood pruning
  • The FELCO application on your smart phone or tablet displays key tool data such as: battery power level, number and size of cuts made, and allows you to customize tool settings to optimize your working efficiency
  • The on/off switch is conveniently located at the tool base on the power cord for easy access
  • Comfortable and safe operation with the soft touch, non-slip, phthalate-free handpiece covers
  • The semi-opening operating mode allows you to cut faster which saves you precious time and battery life while pruning branches with smaller diameters
  • Maintenance of the cutting head is simple. Lubricate the recess between the blade and the counter blade via the grease bolt using the supplied grease pump, eliminating the need to take the cutting head apart
  • The electronic blade adjustment system ensures ideal blade crossing to get the most out of your blade life
  • A high-efficiency brushless motor gives you exceptional cutting speed so you can be confident regardless of the number of pruning tasks that lie ahead
  • Red handpiece cover underlines our heritage while acting as a convenient beacon, so you can always find your FELCO tool in any environment
  • All spare parts are available to ensure optimal working condition and extend the life of your tool
  • Made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy

Máy cắt cành FELCO 822 dùng pin, đầy đủ phụ kiện

Part No. Description Part No. Description
1x 2/16 Toothed segment 1x 820/2 + 1x 20/11 + 2x 820/6 1x 2/16 Counter blade
1x 20/11 Screw for toothed segment 1x 820/6 Anvil blade screw
1x 20/9 Toothed nut 1x 820/8 Grease bolt
1x 80/10 Retaining ring 1x 822X/1 + 1x 820/2 + 2x 820/6 + 1x 2/16 + 1x 20/11
+ 1x 20/9 + 1x 820/8 + 1x 820/5 + 1x 80/10
Cutting head XPRO
1x 820/5 Axle 1x 822X/1 + 1x 80/10 Blade XPRO

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