REMS Power-Press Máy bóp đầu nối ống chạy điện Ø10-108mm

Mã: REMS Power-Press

Universal, handy electric tool with switch-off signal for making pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. Pressing joints Ø 10–108 mm, 3/8 – 4″. Complete range of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings for all common pressfitting systems.

Giá từ: 43.000.000
(Giá chỉ mang tính tham khảo)

Mô tả

Máy bóp đầu nối ống vạn năng sử dụng nguồn điện REMS Power-Press. Đường kính áp dụng tới Ø110 mm. Đáp ứng nhanh chỉ với 1 giây, tự động giữ co nối trong quá trình vận hành. Tùy theo kiểu khuôn và đường kính khuôn khác nhau, bạn chọn cho mình một cấu hình riêng biệt phù hợp với nhu cầu thực tiễn. Bạn cũng có thể chọn các cấu hình tiêu chuẩn đề xuất của nhà sản xuất REMS.

System advantage
Only one type of pressing tongs/pressing rings for all REMS radial presses 32kN and suitable radial presses of other makes with 32 kN thrust force.
All pressing tongs marked by a * have another connection (Patent EP 1 223 008, Patent US 6,739,172) and also fi t the manual radial press REMS Eco-Press. Thus simple, inexpensive stocking.

REMS Power-Press REMS Power-Press

Pressing tongs/pressing rings for all common systems
Complete assortment of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings for all common pressfi tting systems (page 182 – 212). Highly durable pressing tongs/pressing rings made of tenacious, specially hardened special steel. Pressing contours of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings are system-specifi c and correspond to the respective press fi tting system. Thus perfect system conformity, safe press jointing. Adapter tongs required for driving the REMS (PR) pressing rings.

Compact, robust, job site-proven. Small in size, slender design, drive unit only 4.7 kg. Works anywhere, free-hand, overhead, in confi ned areas. Ideal weight distribution for single handed operation. Ergonomically designed housing with recessed grip. Swivelling pressing tongs/adapter tongs seat. Secure seating of pressing tongs by automatic locking. Also suitable for other suitable makes of pressing tongs/pressing rings.

Pressing operation by touch-control
For reliable service, operating and functional safety. A perfect joint is achieved when pressing tongs close completely. Acoustic signal after successful completion of pressing operation. The pressing tongs remain in a closed position until reset button is pushed and releases. This way, the perfect pressing joint (completely closed pressing jaws) can be observed.

Enormous thrust and pressing force for fast and perfect press jointing. Thrust force 32 kN. Powerful electro-hydraulic drive with proven universal motor 450 W, robust planetary gear, eccentric reciprocating pump and compact high power hydraulic system. Safety tip switch.

  Mã sp Giá Mua Công suấtTiêu chuẩn đóng gói
577012 R220 43.000.000
450WThùng nhựa chuyên dụng
577011 G220 43.000.000
450WThùng sắt
577011 R220 43.000.000
450WThùng sắt
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