Panme đo sâu điện tử 23183, từ 0-300mm, độ chính xác 0.001mm, VOGEL Germany

Mã: 23183 Series

Thang đo: 0-300mm.
Độ chính xác trị đọc: ±0.001 mm.
Đường kính chuôi đo: 18mm.
Bước dịch chuyển: 0.05mm
Hàng chính hãng Vogel.

Mô tả

23183 Series panme đo sâu điện tử 0-300mm, độ chính xác 0.001mm

Electr. Digital Depth Micrometer
• absolute System, high accuracy, with data output RS232
• LCD display with clear reading, mm/inch switchable
• frame lacquered, with insulation plates
• ORIGIN button, ABS/INC measurement system
• zero setting at any position, On/Off button
• clamp wheel for quick and precise fixing
• measuring pins and surface hardened and ground
• exchangeable measuring pins, half round shape
• no need to readjust after the change of anvils
• with ratchet for constant measuring pressure
• incl. 1x 1.5 V battery (type LR44, art.-no.: 90213),
with operation manual
• data transfer via cable, art.-no.: 2323100, see page 334


Mã sp Mua Thang đoĐộ chính xácDung sai toàn tầm
0-25mm±0.001mm± 0.004mm
0-50mm±0.001mm± 0.005mm
0-100mm±0.001mm± 0.005mm
0-300mm±0.001mm± 0.007mm
0-75mm±0.001mm± 0.005mm
0-150mm±0.001mm± 0.005mm
0-200mm±0.001mm± 0.006mm
  • Chờ nhập 4-8 tuần
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